Monday, September 8, 2008

Magneto W.I.P.

This is a new character that I'm working on for my demo reel, I've wanted to create this character for a while... I want to also build a scene for him, but haven't really decided yet.. I'm really looking forward to creating this guy, and the scene.


eric j valdes said...

yooo whats good man.. i know whats good. your stuff bro.. i'm really digging the magneto char man i'm looking forward seeign that shit done lol. later, see soon man

Benj Wheeler said...

Yesss! Magneto, a classic character and you have a very nice look going already. I like the random objects hovering around him. I can tell this is gonna be good!

Mo_Rock~IN said...

Great job man, i like this, can't wait to see it finish.
so did u start workin on the bent metal ??!?!

good luck dude :)